KUMA students are given the opportunity to compete in tournaments ranging from in-house to provincial level. Divisions are set up according to age, belt level, and gender, so that competitors are up against others of similar experience.


We encourage competition as it is another level of goal-setting which helps push the student to better technique and performance. Students are inspired by seeing elite provincial, national, and international athletes of the WKF, PKF, Karate Canada, and Karate Ontario, in action. The IOC-recognized WKF attracts the top sport karate athletes in the world (see the Affiliations page on this website). Students also see athletes from other major styles of karate, and this helps round out the students' experience of the "art" part of martial arts study.



Athletes compete in kata (forms), team kata (3 people performing forms), kumite (sparring). Extra training classes AT NO EXTRA COST are added to the schedule, as important competitions come up.

KUMA Karate-Do has sent athletes to the Karate Canada Nationals, Karate Ontario Grand Prix tournaments and the Ontario Summer Games. We have also supported competitions put on by IKA Canada, and the Iwata Cup (Shitokai Canada). We have also had athletes participate in independent tournaments where we felt the experience would be valuable.

It is NOT mandatory for any student to compete. We define our elite students by their commitment to training, not medal totals.

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